3 Reasons Why Outdated Electric Panels Cannot Support The Modern Home

20 October 2017
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The electric panel that you have in your home is likely tucked away in a basement, closet, or inconspicuous area where you don't notice it unless something goes wrong. While the electric panel acts as the control interface of all of the electricity in your home, most homeowners don't know a whole lot about it. These panels have changed in style and function with the passage of years, which means if you have an older home with an outdated electrical panel, it may have a hard time supporting your modern life at home. Here is a closer look at why an old electrical panel will not support your modern home:

Modern homes have far more appliances.

Think about the days of old and how many appliances would be found in the average household. For a lot of years, most homes had only a refrigerator and stove, or perhaps a water heater. Nowadays, a house can have many more appliance on top of the basics, such as a washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and several others. Because old electrical panels did not have a need to power so many appliances, it can be hard for them to effectively provide for so many. 

Modern homes rely more on electric power because of heating and cooling. 

Cooling the home with air conditioning systems was not a thing until the early 1900s. Years ago, most people relied on handheld fans and other methods to keep the home cool. Plus, the primary heat source was a wood stove. The modern home will have an HVAC system that uses electric power in some way to heat and cool the home. Even if the system relies on an outside fuel source like natural gas, electricity is used to power the motor and fan of the unit most of the time. If you have an older electrical panel, it may not be designed to support your modern HVAC system appropriately.

Modern homes have more electrical devices to power. 

Old houses are pretty notorious for only having a few outlets or light fixtures because these items were not as relied upon a long time ago as they are now. About 36 percent of people in the US have a smartphone, a tablet, and a computer, all of which require electricity to charge and use. Those game systems your kids play, the personal grooming items you use, and even your kitchen has more electrical devices. 

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