Staying Safe When Working With High Voltage Equipment

21 October 2017
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Electrical access play a critical role in most residential and business settings. The equipment used to help relay an electrical current from a municipal power grid to various appliances and devices must be serviced regularly to ensure proper performance.

Handling high voltage equipment can be extremely dangerous, so it's important that safety plays a primary role in your maintenance program. Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure your safety when working with high voltage equipment in the future.

1. Always start by disconnecting the power source.

Before you begin any inspection or handling of high voltage equipment, you need to disconnect the power source supplying electricity to these pieces of equipment.

Although it is possible for a small amount of electricity to remain contained within high voltage equipment, when you eliminate electrical access you help to ensure that you will not suffer a fatal current transfer while working with your equipment in the future.

2. Use the right tools when making repairs.

Once you have ensures that the power has been disconnected from your high voltage equipment, it's essential that you utilize the right tools when making repairs. To avoid an electrical shock while you are addressing performance issues, you should utilize tools that feature soft rubber or non-conductive grips.

This ensures that even if the metal portion of your tools do happen to come into contact with an electrical current, this current will not be transferred to your body through the tools' grips.

3. Keep the temperature elevated in equipment rooms.

In order to ensure that your high voltage equipment remains safe and functional over time, you need to carefully monitor the temperature of the room in which these pieces of equipment are housed. When temperatures drop, condensation can occur.

Since water is a highly conductive substance, the presence of condensation on your high voltage equipment could result in serious electrical shock as you attempt to service these pieces of equipment in the future. Be sure that you keep temperatures in your equipment rooms elevated to improve safety when handling high voltage equipment.

Staying safe when working with high voltage equipment is important. Take the time to disconnect your equipment before making repairs, ensure that you are using tools with non-conductive handles, and keep the temperature in your equipment rooms high to prevent condensation and you will be able to ensure your safety when maintaining high voltage equipment in the future. Contact a service, like Motor Shop Electrical Construction Co, for help.