Why Your Next Bulbs Should Be Smart

26 October 2017
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If you are thinking of replacing your light bulbs in the near future, you should strongly consider getting smart bulbs. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from these bulbs:

You Can Dim Them

Since smart light bulbs are dimmable, you don't have to install different bulbs in different rooms. You can just install the same bright bulbs in all the rooms and dim them as necessary. Here are some of the advantages of dimmable bulbs:

  • You can reduce their brightness to save energy
  • You can make them brighter if there is a need, for example, when fixing an appliance at night
  • You can choose a desired level of brightness to set a required mood

You Can Change Their Colors

Most smart bulbs don't just shine in one color; they can be set to glow in almost any color. In most cases, the smart bulbs systems are designed in such a way that when you want to change the color of a bulb, you launch the bulb's mobile application (app) and tap on your desired color.  For most people, this is the premier advantage of smart bulbs.

Here are some of the benefits of being able to change a bulb's color:

  • You can change the color to make your room seem warmer when the weather is cold outside; the reverse also works
  • You can match your house's lights to your party's theme during a celebration
  • You can (temporarily) change the shade of your wall's color by changing the bulb's color

You Can Control Them Remotely

You can also control your smart light bulbs remotely, and this is why most people consider them "smart" in the first place. The bulbs are connected to the internet and come with mobile applications (apps) for controlling them remotely.  Here are a few examples of the major benefits of remote light control:

  • You can turn off your lights remotely if you forgot to do so before leaving for work in the evening
  • You can turn on your security lights remotely if you don't get home before dark
  • You can switch your home lights on and off so that your home doesn't appear unoccupied if you are away on vacation

Don't forget that smart lighting systems belong to a relatively new area of technology, which means the available offers and benefits keep changing by the day. Talk to an electrician to help you choose the best smart bulbs on the market today.