Three Tips To Minimize Electricity Use In Your Business Premises

2 November 2017
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If you aren't careful, electricity consumption can form a huge chunk of your business expenses. You may not be able to wean yourself completely from electricity usage, but there are steps you can take to minimize it. Here are some of those steps:

Maximize the Use of Natural Light

Making use of natural light is one of the best ways of reducing electricity bills because, apart from the design or construction costs, you won't be paying for the natural light. Here are some tips to help you capture as much natural light as possible:

  • Install skylights in strategic places to capture natural light
  • Make use of large windows, especially on the sun facing sides of the building
  • Use glazing on windows to reduce glare from sunlight; otherwise, you will be tempted to draw the blinds and turn on artificial light
  • Situate the most used rooms near the perimeter of the building where they can make use of natural light from the windows

Install Smart Appliances and Light Systems

Using natural light alone is not enough if you want to reduce your electricity usage; you will still need artificial light in places that natural light can't illuminate or when the sun is out. Besides, lighting is not the only use of electricity in a typical business place.

Another useful option is to install smart appliances and lighting systems. These are systems that can be programmed to automate some of their settings or operations and can be controlled from remote locations (because they are connected to the internet).

For example, programmable thermostats can be programmed so that they automatically match their settings to the prevailing weather; this increases energy efficiency. There are also smart lighting bulbs that can be switched on and off remotely, ensuring that they don't stay on when they aren't needed.  Talk to your electrician for more of these options.

Opt For the Most Energy Efficient Equipment during Replacements

Getting rid of your current equipment and appliances to install an energy efficient one may not be economically prudent. However, if the time comes when any equipment has to be replaced (for example if it suffers catastrophic damage or stops working due to age), make sure their replacement is energy efficient. This is as easy as looking for equipment and appliances with ENERGY STARĀ® certification or consulting an electrician.

Hopefully, your electricity usage is efficient and you have nothing to worry about as far as wastage is concerned. But then again, you will never know this for sure if you don't carry out regular maintenance or evaluation of your electrical installations. Contact a company, like Conway Electric, for more help.