3 Tips To Help Make Your Home Safer With Electrical Upgrades And Improvements

5 November 2017
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The electrical wiring in your home can be one of the most dangerous mechanical systems. If you have an older home, upgrades are going to be needed to make your home safer. There are also some improvements that you may want to do to make even newer wiring safer. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right electrical improvements to make your home safer:

1. Installing Dedicated Circuits for Modern Technology

In your home, there is probably a lot of modern technology you use daily. If you have a home office with computers, printers, routers, and servers, you want to make sure that these devices are protected. The entertainment systems with the television, audio and other features in the living room is another area where you will want to make special considerations when it comes to the electrical improvements. Since these areas use a lot of electricity, it is a good idea to have dedicated circuits with surge protection. You may also want to consider metered outlets and other upgrades for areas where you want to monitor electrical consumption of devices.

2. Upgrading the Service in Your Home with More Outlets and Circuits

One of the problems with older electrical wiring in homes is that there are just not enough outlets and sometimes circuits are overcrowded. When too many appliances are pulling loads on a single circuit, this causes a short circuit and is a fire hazard. Talk with a residential electrical contractor about upgrading the electrical service in your home to meet the needs of the electronic devices and appliances you use every day.  The larger breaker box will also allow more outlets and electrical circuits to be installed where they are needed. While they are doing this, ask them to install breakers with built-in timers for areas like outdoor lighting, which will help reduce electrical consumption.

3. Ground and Surge Protection for The Different Areas of Your Home

The lack of ground fault protection in areas of your home like the kitchen or bathroom is a serious electrical hazard. These GCFI outlets need to be installed anywhere that there is a risk of an electrical appliance coming in contact with water. Have an electrical contractor install GCFI outlets and built-in surge protection in areas of your home where they are needed.

These are some electrical improvements that will help make your home safer. Contact a residential electrician to help with these improvements to make your home's electrical wiring safer.