3 Fire Hazards To Be Alert To With The Outdated Electrical Setup In Your Commercial Building

6 November 2017
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If you are like most commercial business owners, you will initially buy a building that already exists for your business operation. While this is a good way to save money on startup costs, moving your business into an outdated building can also come along with a few concerns, specifically where electrical setup is concerned. If your business is currently operating out of an older building with an outdated electrical setup, there can be fire hazards lurking in every corner. Here is a look at a few fire hazards to be alert to in your outdated commercial building. 

There are portions of wiring that have been poorly modified, adjusted, and manipulated. 

In a commercial building, it is not uncommon for business owners to try and get out as cheap as they can where repairs and upgrades are concerned, even with something as important as electrical components. Through the years, this can mean that there are sections of the electrical setup that have been changed, added to, and modified several times. You will be able to spot these telltale locations because there will be things like:

  • Bundles of wiring that are unnecessary
  • Live wires that have been taped off and lead to nothing
  • Excess wires that are not connected to anything 

If you have any of this in your commercial building, it can definitely be a fire hazard. Contact a commercial electrician for immediate assistance. 

There are multiple electrical panels that appear outdated with some breakers unused. 

As a business grows, the needs for electricity grows. This means that new electrical panels may be added to support the new need for more electric leads with breakers. While it is quite common for there to be more than one electric panel or breaker box in a commercial setting, it is not a good sign if there are several from all different eras that have breakers inside of them that lead to nothing. 

There are signs that the wiring insulation is peeling away from wires throughout the building. 

There have been many forms of electrical wiring insulation that have been used through the years. However, some of the earlier forms of wiring insulation were not that capable of withstanding years of use. For example, some of the oldest wiring had paper insulation or wrapping. If you notice some of the wiring in your building has frayed and exposed wiring because the insulation is deteriorating, this is definitely a fire hazard that needs immediate professional attention, such as from Theco