3 Tips To Help With Home Automation During Your Electrical Renovations

9 November 2017
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When renovating your home, electrical systems may need to be updated. This gives you a great opportunity to start adding automation to your home. An electrician will be able to help with the installation of programmable controls for lighting, low-voltage wiring and metered outlets that will help with home automation. Here are some tips to help with adding home automation during your electrical renovations:

1. Installing Low-Voltage Wiring for Modern Electronics and Home Automation

Low-voltage wiring is used for many electric devices and home automation systems. If you are planning on installing a security system or video surveillance, low-voltage wiring will need to be ran for these systems. In addition, you may want to have wiring installed to add USB ports to your electrical outlets, which is a convenient solution to connect all the modern electronic devices you use in your home. USB connections will allow you to charge any portable electronic device that uses a USB cable, anywhere in your home.

2. Automated Lighting Controls That Help Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home

The lighting in your home is another area where improvements for energy efficiency. Some of your household lighting, you may want to consider automated solutions, such as installing a programmable controller for exterior lighting. You can also install controls that turn lights on automatically when you get up in the morning, such as in the kitchen, which can also adjust brightness as you wake up to maximize comfort. Sensors and timers are also a great solution in areas where lights are commonly left on, such as in bathrooms and closets.

3. Metered and Programmable Outlets to Monitor Your Electricity Consumption

Many of the outlets in your home can also be improved with automated solutions. You may want to consider using a metered outlet for your entertainment center or home office. There are also programmable outlets that will allow you to program when something is turned on and off. While you are adding automation to the outlets, consider other improvements like built-in surge protection for expensive electronics like televisions and computers. Built-in surge protection will give you an extra line of protection from electronics being damaged when circuits are overloaded.

These are some tips to help with you add home automation during renovations to electrical systems. If you need help with some of these improvements, contact an electrical contractor to  help with upgrades and home automation. Talk with them about improvements and adding automation to your electrical renovations.