Upgrading Your Home's Electrical Service

9 November 2017
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The electrical service coming into your home is rated in amps and is designed to provide a specific amount of electricity to be distributed throughout the home. In older homes, the amperage to the home may be lower as homes did not need as much electricity as they do now. Upgrading the electrical service is not difficult but it must be done by an electrician so that it is done correctly.

Old Homes With Old Wiring

If you have an older home, the wiring in your home might not be up to today's standards, and although it may be legal, it does not mean it is up to the task to adding on to your home. Upgrading the electrical wiring throughout the home is a big job and getting all the old wiring out and new wiring into the walls may require access behind the sheetrock or wall board. If you are renovating the home that might not be a problem but if you are not, the amount of work can be overwhelming. If you feel you need to upgrade the wiring, talk to an electrician about the options you may have to get it done in your home.

Upgrading The Service Entrance

In older homes, the electrical panel may be a fuse panel rather than a breaker box. The amount of electricity coming into your home is limited by this box and its ability to distribute the power out to the rest of the circuits. The panel can be brought up to date and the service amperage increased if you need more electricity but keep in mind, if you do still have old wiring in the home, it may not be up to the task of handling the upgrade. If you are not sure about the wiring in the home, have an electrician come and inspect the service and the wiring.

Running New Circuits For New Space

If you are updating the service to the home, and you want to run a new circuit in the home, the wiring can be added without having to open the wall if there is access to the room through an attic space or from under the home in a basement or crawlspace. Often the electrician will run the circuit out to the room it needs to go in and drill through the framing at the top of bottom of the wall to run the wiring into the room. This is not something you should try yourself. Always get a licensed electrician to handle this work for you so that you are sure it is done right.

For more information, contact an electrical repair service.