Prepare For The Holidays With Wiring That Won't Destroy Everything

13 November 2017
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As the holiday draws nearer, are you expecting any expensive electronics? Maybe a new TV, computer, or sound system? These great gifts for your significant other, your children, or even gifts for yourself will often come with warranties or protection plans, but those plans won't cover everything. Especially when you're dealing with electrical damage, you could end up spending half the price (or more) of the original product just to get repairs. To avoid electrical damage and to keep your gifts under warranty, consider the gift of electrical inspection and upgrades:

Electrical Failure And Modern Electronics

Many modern electronics include an onboard computer that operates similarly to desktops, laptops, and smartphones. This usually means having some sort of operating system and easily-customized environment, allowing more robust settings and features.

While these features can deliver easier access to online content, faster performance, and personalized information, they're susceptible to a unique type of electrical risk. When these types of computers are turned off without shutting down properly, their information (data) can become corrupted.

Computers exist by saving and loading different sets of data, and if the power goes out during a critical saving of important information, there's no telling what you may lose. The system may simply lose its latest settings, or you may lose the entire computer system completely.

This is less extreme than the other possible types of electrical problems, such as shorting out (and burning) electrical components or overloading the power supply. While data corruption can be fixed by simply reloading core files to the computer, some products may not have that information available on the internet. Unless you can find the information and happen to be tech savvy, expect to spend quite a bit of money on repairs.

Electrical Inspection, Maintenance, And Upgrades Can Help

To make sure that your home isn't the cause of electrical failure, ask an electrician to perform an inspection. An electrician can walk through your building while checking outlets, light fixtures, and other electrical areas.

If the electrician notices a problem, the solution is a lot easier than in past decades. Not all wiring problems require breaking big holes in the wall; electricians can drill small holes into specific areas and use flexible cameras to view the wiring situation. Huge wall breaches are only necessary if large wiring paths need to be replaced.

Along with these replacements and repairs, an electrician can install additional outlets and provide electrical safety technology. This includes installing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) devices to give a few extra minutes for shutting down in case of a power outage, as well as surge protectors to help areas prone to yearly electrical storm damage.

Contact an electrical company like DCS Electric to discuss other ways to improve your home's electrical situation before the holidays.