Electrical Upgrades For Convenience And Safety

15 November 2017
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The steadily increasing number of power hungry appliances in your home is likely to be taxing both your electrical system and your patience. Many homes are poorly equipped to deal with the increased demand. Outlets may be insufficient in number or absent in spaces where they would best serve specific needs.

In addition, your entire home may be under-powered, with too few circuit lines and a breaker box that is filled to capacity. It's only a matter of time before you'll need to have electrical upgrade services performed to maintain a modern lifestyle.

Outlet Space Upgrades

If your floors are beginning to resemble a snake pit because of a plethora of power strips, you need to have additional outlets installed. However, you should also consider having some outlets installed with less traditional placements in order to better provide power for various appliances.

For example, your internet modem or router should be located in a central area of the home at a higher level within a room, instead of closer to floor level because of the placement of existing wall outlets at that level. Older homes with kitchens that have only floor level outlets would benefit from added counter level outlets to compensate for short power cords supplied with many kitchen appliances.

Circuit Line Upgrades

Unless you live in an older home with only a single outlet per room, your existing outlets and lights may be straining the limits of the electric circuits that they share. You can't simply have additional outlets installed on existing circuit lines, just as you can't just keep adding power strips, because lines will become overloaded and circuit breakers will shut off power to the lines to avoid overheating and potential house fires.

Depending on the unused capacity of your breaker panel, you should have 20 amp lines installed rather than lower capacity 15 amp lines, because 20 amp lines can power more outlets on a single line as well as provide sufficient power for single appliances such as portable air conditioners and 1875 watt blow dryers.

Panel Upgrades

If your breaker panel is already full, no additional lines can be added. If the current panel is full but not yet using its full capacity, you can have a sub-panel installed to add additional circuit lines. However, if your home is simply under-powered, with a breaker box that is better suited to power a home in the 1950's, you'll need a main line and panel upgrade to meet your current and future needs.