Correcting Some Myths About A Career As An Electrician

25 November 2017
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As you are looking to choose a career, there are several myths that could mislead you. In particular, individuals will often fail to consider pursuing a career as an electrician due to assuming that some misinformation about this option is correct. Having these electrical career misconceptions refuted will be necessary if you are to fairly and accurately evaluate this type of career: 

Myth: Electrical Contractors Have Very Limited Earnings

There are many individuals that are under the impression that manual or technical careers will have very limited earnings. However, electricians have tremendous opportunities for growth and advancement. In addition to earning high hourly wages, these professionals may also wish to start their own contracting firm or move into a management position at an established firm. If you are attracted to the idea of owning an electrical contracting firm, you may want to include basic business courses so that you can be better suited to make this transition.

Myth: There Are Minimal Requirements For Becoming An Electrician

Unfortunately, there are some individuals that will fail to appreciate the rigorous process involved with becoming a licensed electrician. Working on electrical systems can be extremely dangerous if a person is not properly trained. As a result, those wishing to become electricians can expect to be required to go through a period of formal education, and they will need to apprentice with an electrician before they will be able to apply for their license. Once the license has been obtained, it will be necessary to apply for an extension or renewal periodically. Depending on the state, this may involve completing continuing education courses, but you will have to check the local requirements to know whether this will be expected. While this process can be rather intensive, the benefits of having an in-demand and rewarding career can be more than worth it.

Myth: It Is Too Expensive To Go To School For Electrical Work

Due to the high educational and training requirements to become an electrician, some individuals may become discouraged at the thought of having to pay for this type of training. Luckily, there are many options available for financing this type of training, such as traditional student loans, grants, and scholarships. Furthermore, the apprentice period will be paid, which will allow you to receive this training while still be able to financially support yourself. Due to the importance of the apprenticeship, you should review the placement policies of any school you are considering so that you can choose one that has a strong history of placing students as apprentices.

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