Buried Power Lines, Flower Gardens, And You: How To Not Get These Things Mixed Up

26 March 2018
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In many places, electric power lines are buried in the ground, rather than swaying overhead from pole to pole. For the most part, this is a good way to deal with power lines because storms cannot bring down the poles and lines; they are already down in the ground. On the flip side, it does complicate your plans to put in or grow flowers, as you will need to dig in places where there are no lines.

It pays to find out where these power lines are. If you dig and strike buried lines, you will be the one in the ground holding flowers or having flowers placed on top of your grave instead. Here is how not to get buried power lines, flower gardens, and you mixed up (i.e., buried you, under the flower garden, with lines overhead).

Call Electricians in the City

Electricians that live and work in your part of the city will know that there are (or are not) lines in the ground. Electricians can find the grounded power box to which these lines attach, and inform you that you do indeed have buried lines. They can also detect the lines on your property with special tools that pick up on current waves underground. They cannot map the waves for you unless they also work for the power company.

Call Your Power Company Before You Dig

If you have never seen a public safety announcement about calling the power company before you dig, well here it is. Call before you dig. The power company has unlimited maps of the lines they have buried underground. They can send the map to the power lines on your property to your property with a company electrician. This electrician will use brightly-colored spray paint to mark all of the lines and the directions they travel so you can avoid digging close to these lines.

If You Have to Plant Flowers Close to the Power Lines

If, for whatever reason, you feel compelled to plant flowers near the power lines, try to plant something that will not live more than a season. Also, consider flowers with short roots, such as pansies and petunias. Planting these flowers near buried power lines is relatively safe since you will not be digging way down into the ground and the roots of these little flowers will not attempt to go down and choke the power lines.

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