Upgrading Your Kitchen With Under-Cabinet Lights

18 January 2021
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The area on your countertops that is directly below your overhead cabinets can be fairly dark due to the shadow from the cabinets. This can reduce the aesthetics of the kitchen as well as impact the functionality of the countertop space. Installing under-cabinet lighting is one option that can allow you to illuminate this part of your kitchen. While this can be a common and affordable upgrade to make to a home, it will still require some detailed thought and planning to successfully complete.

Value The Benefit Of LED Lights

There are some important options that are available to you when you are considering a type of under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen. While it is possible to use traditional lightbulbs for this project, you may want to prefer to use LED lighting systems. These lighting systems are far more energy-efficient, and they will typically be much smaller. In fact, some LED lighting systems will be on a strip that can make it possible for a homeowner to easily install this lighting on their own.

Opt For Under-Cabinet Lighting That Is Dimmable

The amount of light that you need under the cabinets can vary depending on the time of day as well as the activity that you are doing. In order to give you the greatest amount of freedom, choose lights that let you adjust the lighting level in the kitchen. Fortunately, there are many dimmable under-cabinet lighting systems that you will be able to install so that you can enjoy this particular feature. If you want to install a different dimmable switch than what came with your lighting system, you will have to verify that the new switch is compatible. Otherwise, you may not have the functionalities that you were expecting.  

Avoid Doing Any Wiring Work Yourself

Depending on the type of under-cabinet lighting system that you choose to install, there may be a need to have wiring work done. This will usually be needed to connect the lighting system to the home's power system. Any type of electrical wiring work can be extremely dangerous due to the risk of an accident causing an injury or even incorrect installation resulting in damage or even potentially electrifying surfaces. If your new under-cabinet lighting system will require wiring work to be completed, a licensed electrician or lighting specialist should be hired to make these changes. This will be necessary if you are to ensure that this work will be done correctly and safely as electrical work can be among the more hazardous steps in a home improvement project.