Replace A Traditional Light Switch With A Motion Sensing Switch

6 June 2018
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Are you tired of everyone in your house leaving the lights on in every room, every day? Having to deal with this day in and day out can lead to frustrations and arguments–not to mention the higher electricity bills that you'll continue paying. Instead of fighting a battle that may never be won, you can change out those traditional light switches with motion sensing switches. Motion sensing switches are being used quite frequently in commercial settings. Read More 

Buried Power Lines, Flower Gardens, And You: How To Not Get These Things Mixed Up

26 March 2018
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In many places, electric power lines are buried in the ground, rather than swaying overhead from pole to pole. For the most part, this is a good way to deal with power lines because storms cannot bring down the poles and lines; they are already down in the ground. On the flip side, it does complicate your plans to put in or grow flowers, as you will need to dig in places where there are no lines. Read More 

3 Options for Keeping Heating Out of Sight

9 February 2018
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Heating systems often have components that get in the way, such as radiators that standout in rooms or air vents that you cannot block. What if you want to have a heating system that is hardly visible and out of the way? There are options like high-velocity HVAC or low-profile baseboard heaters and other solutions. Here are a few of the options that you will want to consider for a heating solution that is less intrusive for your home: Read More